For the Record – Canadian broadcasting organization calls for Netflix regulations

Michael Panes – March 21, 2019

“If we don’t have our own stories on screen, we can’t challenge ourselves to address our own issues, to relate to our own people, and to build a better country for ourselves. We limit ourselves to the squabbles that are taking place in the United States.”

Daniel BernhardExecutive Director, Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

In 2017, Netflix allocated $100 million towards producing content in Canada however, Friends of Canadian Broadcasting says that since the announcement there still has been no change in regulations for international streaming services. (MaxPixel)

Netflix is the world’s largest streaming service with a reported 137 million subscribers and in Canada, 57% of households with an internet connection are subscribed to the streaming giant.

Although Netflix is the leading streaming choice for Canadians, Friends of Canadian Broadcasting says that the Federal Government is not doing enough to ensure that Canadian content is being preserved and presented.

According to their website, the organization is looking for the Federal Government to “end the special treatment that foreign internet companies enjoy.”

In Canada, licensed broadcasters like CTV and Global are obligated to contribute between 5% to 30% of their revenues to producing Canadian programs. However internet streaming services like Netflix are not obligated to create any Canadian content.

Listen to the full For the Record interview below.