For the Record – TackleBar takes aim at lowering concussion risks in youth football

Michael Panes – March 20, 2019

“We are not out to change the NFL, we are not out to change high school football. We want to provide an opportunity for kids who love this game to learn the fundamentals and play in a safer environment.”

Brigid LingFounder, Vice President, and Marketing

TackleBar is aimed at youth players who are transitioning from flag-football to tackle-football. Players wear full pads and helmets, but the goal is to rip one of the bars off a player, as opposed to taking a player to the ground. (TackleBar)

TackleBar is looking to change the way kids approach youth football.

With growing concerns of the potential health risks in playing football, especially at a young age, mother-of-four Brigid Ling created TackleBar, a way for kids to transition from flag-football to tackle-football.

The TackleBar is a harness that has two neon-yellow bars that are positioned on the backs of players. According to their website, the aim of the game is to remove one of the bars, but due to the positioning of the bars, players are also taught the fundamentals of proper tackling.

According to researchings from Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation, among the 17,000 athletic exposures among youth using TackleBar there have been zero incidents of concussions and only five reported injuries.

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