For the Record – How Vancouverites can step up their romance game

Jesse Day – February 28th, 2019

Anna Jorgensen says most of her clients are young men who lack confidence around women.

(Courtesy Anna Jorgensen)

On this edition of Evolution 107.9’s For the Record we spoke with Anna Jorgensen about dating and romance in Vancouver after the city was recently rated below other major Canadian cities as a place to find love.

Anna runs the online dating Wingmam, where she helps guys struggling to find a relationship. We touched on dating apps, ghosting, the right time to settle down, and the state of modern romance. Anna says treating everyone with respect is paramount for daters, regardless of gender.

“Women are really defensive and men are trigger shy so for both men and women: just be kind. If you’re going to reject someone just reject them in the kindest way possible. You can say I’m not interested and most guys will respect that.” – Anna Jorgensen, Dating Coach