For the Record – Dark web creating new breed of criminal

Jesse Day / March 1st, 2019

Ruan Müller says hackers on the dark web take advantage of people oversharing or under-protecting themselves online “by the minute”.


In recent months, multiple people have been arrested across North America for their connection to the infamous, now defunct, dark web drug trafficking site, Silk Road. B.C. man, James Ellingson, was one of those people. He was arrested last November in Vancouver. Ellingson was hit by American officials with charges of conspiring to import almost every well-known narcotic. He was also charged with money laundering. The U.S. believes Ellingson made millions selling drugs through the dark web.

On this of edition of For the Record we talked to Cyber Security Specialist, Ruan Müller to get some insight into the details of criminal activity on the dark web.

Müller is a Principal Consultant at Mandiant. He also currently serves in the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve as an Army Communications and Information Systems Specialist. Müller says the dark web has created a place where aspiring drug movers can get started from behind their laptops.

“You essentially have a market place. It’s a place where you can do one-stop shopping. Instead of having to go to multiple people on the street and say ‘hey I need this’, you now have one-stop shopping. Kind of like a giant amazon for criminals.” – Ruan Müller, Cyber Security Specialist