For the Record – Palm Haze finds home among the noise in Vancouver

Jesse Day – February 27th, 2019

Palm Haze’s first full album came out in 2017. Their newest single, Stay Cool, was just released and they say many other new songs are on the way.

(Courtesy Palm Haze)

Originally from Brazil, Palm Haze is a Vancouver based band that blends alternative rock, shoegaze, dream-pop, and trip-hop influences to create a sound that’s both heavy and smooth – think of fuzzed guitars and soothing vocals under a palm tree shadow.

On this edition of For the Record, we chatted to the band about what moving to Vancouver to pursue music has been like for them and what inspires them to keep making the sounds they love. We also chatted about their influences, new songs, live performances, production techniques, and got a taste of their latest single Stay Cool. 

“It’s much easier in Vancouver to have a band than in Brazil. It seems there is much more room for you to be an artist, much more support from the people.” – Anna Wagner, lead vocalist and bassist of Palm Haze