For the Record – Burnaby South byelection crucial for Singh and Trudeau

Jesse Day – February 25th, 2019

Sanjay Jeram is a political science expert and senior lecturer at SFU. He has published articles and book chapters related to topics such as sub-state nationalism, immigration, public opinion, democratization, and post-conflict identities. He is currently involved in a project on federalism and immigrant integration in Canada and Western Europe.

Today’s by-election in Burnaby-South could have major consequences for NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s liberal government.

Simon Fraser University Senior Lecturer, and politics expert, Sanjay Jeram joined us on Evolution 107.9’s For the Record to provide some insight into the the Burnaby-South election and the two other by-elections happening across the country today.

Jeram says the elections are crucial for both the NDP and the Liberal parties, as Singh would likely be forced to step down as the leader of the NDP if he doesn’t secure his riding, while not securing at least one victory today could begin the dissolution of Trudeau’s majority government ahead of the major election in the fall.

“There’s two ridings that the liberals definitely need to win, or at least win one of them, to try to stake their ground and indicate that they can make a push to make up for some of the loses they expect in other parts of the country in the fall.” – Sanjay Jeram, SFU Senior Lecturer and political science expert