School closures from snowstorm the most in a decade

Dan Mountain/ February 13th, 2019

BCIT’s field, one of many post-secondary institutions that closed due to snow
(Dan Mountain / BCIT News)

Environment Canada has lifted snowfall warnings for British Columbia’s south coast, so school is back in service.

But Tuesday was the first day in over a decade that Vancouver schools have been shut down due to snow, said Patricia MacNeil, spokesperson for the Vancouver school board.

The decision to shut down Vancouver schools left nearly 50,000 Vancouver students and thousands more in Southern BC without a place to go.

“It has been well over a decade since schools in the Vancouver School District have been closed due to weather. The District aims to keep schools open and a decision to cancel classes due to weather is made after deep consideration of weather and road condition information.” – Patricia MacNeil, Spokesperson for the Vancouver Schoolboard.

While most metro Vancouver students are back in class, many schools are still closed. Here’s a map of the schools still closed.

Cities across the region closed their schools, including Surrey which left 73,000 students without a school to go to.

For many kids, it’s a day off to play in the snow with their friends. But for many parents, it’s a headache to make sure that their kids will be safe while they’re at work.

Children playing in snow due to snow day

Travelling to school on days with severe weather can not only be time-consuming, but it can be dangerous.

With Transit delays on nearly every Metro-Vancouver method of transportation over the last few days, students who have had to commute in the snow this week have had a tough trek.

Here’s what BCIT had to say about the snow:

With files from Josh Kilner and Haider Nayani