For the Record – Living in Venezuela during political chaos

Jenny Cameron – February 8, 2019

Francisco Fernandez says he is trying to help his parents move to America to get away from the violence in Venezuela.(Francisco Fernandez)

Francisco Fernandez lives everyday worried about his family.

Fernandez left Venezeula and moved to Canada in 2011. He had to leave his parents, uncle and friends in a country that is now surrounded by violence, price inflations and political turmoil. He calls it a crisis.

“You adapt or you leave… the only constant is that it gets worst.” – Francisco Fernandez

He cannot see himself moving back to the country he once called his home, even if there is a peaceful resolution. He says people who cannot leave, are adapting to to the riots, poverty and violence because they have no choice but too.

“As soon as you land, you’re a target…You’re worth as much as a bullet.” – Francisco Fernandez

Fernandez and I talk about his parents living in an unsafe country and what events led up to his decision to leave everything and everyone behind. He opens up about his feelings towards the government and what he is doing to help those stuck in violence.

Listen below for the full interview.