For the Record – How are gadgets affecting the younger generation of Canada?

Darya Zargar, January 31, 2019

This shows the average screen time of kids ages two to five.

A recent survey based in Calgary says that screen time may negatively affect brain development. Over 2,000 children from ages two to five were questioned about how much time they spend on their devices. Researchers found that at most kids were spending around three and a half hours on technology.

Kim Laureen who directed a new documentary called “Selfless”, was based on the epidemic of social media and how youth need to stay present in the moment.

“Well I’m not surprised at about the results of this survey, I think I’ll start off with by saying that we’re living in a time where kid’s have never had so much freedom in their fingertips, they lived so confined and parent’s are helpless. So really, in truth it shows that we all are apart of an ongoing human behavioral experiment and our kids are the guinea pigs.”

Kim Laureen Director of Selfless

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