For the Record- New Drinking & Driving Regulations

Darya Zargar- January 30, 2019

New impaired driving regulations updated the Criminal Code as of December 18th. Some of the revisions include; mandatory alcohol screening, no more ‘bolus’ drinking defense and updated penalties.

These stronger laws are quite similar to several other countries around the world, such as Australia, Denmark and Germany.

Kyla Lee, a Vancouver-based criminal lawyer, specializes in impaired driving and DUI cases.

Lee explained that drivers “should be worried” about the new regulations.

“I think drivers should be very worried. I mean the fact that someone could be driving down the road, completely sober at you know eight o’clock in the morning to drop your kids off at school on your way to work. [Get] pulled over, hauled out of your vehicle, demanded to provide into a roadside breathalyzer. Which if you don’t comply with lands you with a $2,000 dollar fine…”

Kyla LeeVancouver Criminal Lawyer

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