For the Record – Intimate Partner Violence: How to tell if your friend or loved one is in an abusive relationship

Darya Zargar- January 29, 2019

Chilliwack RCMP and filmmaker Jasleen Kaur are joining together to end intimate partner violence among teens. This presentation features the story of Maple Batalia, a 19-year-old that was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in a SFU parking lot.

Corporal Samara Blimer sat down to discuss how to learn the warning signs if their friend or loved one is involved in a toxic relationship.

Some of these ‘tell tale’ signs include; stalking, obsessive or controlling by their behaviors, partner threatens to harm or kill themselves or others, and if the victim if fearful of their partner.

“…texting is a big way that people can manipulate and control each other. [On] social media you see people threatening to put intimate images online, ruin somebody’s reputation, and I think that with cellphones now you stay in contact continuously with someone else and that is exhausting.”

Coporal Samara Blimer Chilliwack RCMP

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