For the Record -High school students take climate change movement into their own hands

Emily Vance – January 24th, 2019

On this episode of For the Record, BCIT News reporter Emily Vance sat down with Rebecca Hamilton, the 16 year old activist who’s a driving force behind the activism group Sustainabiliteens. Last week, Rebecca and students from across Metro Vancouver held a rally in front of Vancouver’s City Hall, to show their support for Councillor Christine Boyle’s motion to declare climate change an emergency in Vancouver. The motion passed unanimously.

The work that Rebecca and her colleagues do is part of a larger movement where high school students strike from school once a month to raise awareness about the growing threat of climate change. Give it a listen to hear more about this movement, and Rebecca’s plan for the future.

“We really want the world to see that the youth, we’re not going down without a fight…. we are going to hold our government accountable for actions. We’re not just going to let inaction continue to slide. I think we’re really at a pivotal moment right now. I think, looking around, we’re really at a tipping point in terms of public awareness. We’re just all waking up to this emergency that we’re in. I think that’s really exciting.” -Rebecca Hamilton, Sustainabiliteens