Mount Pleasant Park epicentre for coyote sightings in Vancouver

Jeff Malo /  January 24th, 2019

Coyotes are not to be fed by the public and is by law illegal. The city of Burnaby suggest that you report of any feeding to coyotes or wild animals.

After coyote sightings and attacks in Metro Vancouver earlier this week, there have been concerns about the state of the wilderness in conjunction with domestic life.

While there is sightings across the lower mainland, the most sightings and interactions with coyotes are around Mount Pleasant Park.

The Stanley Park Ecology Society has been keeping track of coyote sightings and their interactions with local residents on a sightings map. On the map, they even track when someone feeds a coyote and when a coyote has become aggressive.

The Stanley Park Ecology Society has provided tips on how to better interact with coyotes.

They recommended not to feeding coyotes as feeding is the main reason for aggressive behavior. If you do see a coyote they recommend you stand tall with your arms up and to not run from the presence of the coyote. They even recommend yelling at the coyote to go away.