Horgan answers questions about the forestry industry

Jeff Malo / January 24th, 2019

B.C. Premier John Horgan gave a keynote speech at the B.C. Natural Resource Forum to have constructive conversations about natural resources.
(John Horgan)

The three day B.C. Natural Resources Forum had a special guest on its second day.

B.C. Premier John Horgan was in attendance in Prince George and delivered a keynote speech at the 16th annual forum.

The forum was for investors, workers and company owners in the resources sector, to come together and discuss opportunity, trends and challenges facing the industry.

After his keynote speech at noon to those in attendance, Horgan answered questions from the media, specifically about reassuring the prominence of the forest industry.

“We announced last week, coastal forestry revitalization that’s going to lead for more logs staying in British Columbia, more opportunity to extend mills rather than seeing them close.”  – John Horgan, B.C. Premier

Questions from the media centered around the forest industry after two devastating wild fires seasons for the province. While he answered questions about regrowing B.C.’s lumber and industry, Horgan also had to answer questions about exporting soft wood lumber to China amid political disputes with Canada. Horgan was swift to respond.

“British Columbia stands ready to be free and fair with everyone in the world. Any disputes between Canada and China should be just that.”

Horgan said that for thirty years, successive governments have traded lumber in Asia to diversify the market and not be subject to soft wood lumber tariffs from the United States.

For Horgan, this was his second time at the forum. The premier said that he felt like the new kid on the block during his first time at the forum. Now after more than a year as premier he feels that members of the resource sector are more acquainted with him and have gotten to know him better.

China is predicted to be B.C.’s net importer of goods in the near future, which will surpass the U.S. (Pexels)