Morning Headlines – January 15th, 2019

Riley Radiuk / January 15, 2019

China’s International Airport.
(Credit / Wikimedia.Commons)

China issues travel warning to Canada

After Justin Trudeau warned Canadian citizens to exercise caution while traveling to China, the Chinese government retaliated by issuing a travel warning to Canada.

These events stem from Trudeau condemning a Canadian man being sentenced to death in China for allegedly smuggling drugs.

Fire in East Vancouver

It was a hectic scene in Vancouver last night, as a fire broke near a scrapyard on Triumph Street.

The blaze would engulf various propane tanks which would end up exploding in the process.

It was originally believed the fire was started directly in the scrapyard, however officials determined it was started in the lot beside the scrapyard.

Back alley in East Vancouver where the fire happened.
(Darya Zargar / BCIT News)

More than a dozen First Nations leaders will meet to discuss buying the pipeline.
(LoggaWiggler / Pixabay)

First Nations want to buy Trans Mountain Pipeline

Over a dozen First Nation leaders from The Indian Resources Council of Canada are meeting this week to discuss the possibility of buying the controversial pipeline.

They say, if they did purchase the pipeline then it would be 100% owned and operated which is something they want.

They say if they have full control over it, they can make sure they do everything in a way that is safe and clean for the environment.