Morning Headlines- January 9th

Darya Zargar / January 9, 2019

Trudeau’s announcement still doesn’t address why there are many vacancies in the House of Commons. (Source/ Wikimedia Commons)

Trudeau announces by-election, including 3 electoral districts

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced today that the by-elections for the seats in Ontario, Outremont Quebec, and Burnaby-South BC will be held Feb 25. Jagmeet Singh, NDP leader for running for Burnaby-South hopes voters will give him a seat in the House of Commons.

Recently the government has come under fire and the Opposition claims that the Liberals where delaying the by-election and leaving the riding’s vacant.

Bank of Canada holds interest rate at 1.75%

The Bank of Canada has decided to stick with it’s interest rate of 1.75%, there has been a sharp decline in oil prices, however, the central bank expects there to be an increase over time.

When the first policy announcement made an appearance in 2019, says that the drop in oil will affect the expected growth in economy.

The Bank of Canada holds interest rate and decline in oil prices.
(Source/ Wikimedia Commons)

Trump gives reasoning behind building a US to Mexico wall. (@realDonaldTrump/ Twitter)

Trump pushes to build wall at US-Mexico border

U.S. President Donald Trump addressed the nation yesterday claiming that this wall will end illegal border crossings to the United States and stop crime in the country. This is exemplified in the tweet below.

There has been arguments to whether building the wall will stop illegal immigration, some experts doubt that this prime-time speech will sway voters.