B.C government announcing long-term climate change plan at noon

Premier John Horgan and Green party leader Andrew Weaver are expected to unveil a new long term climate change plan at noon today. The press conference will take place at the Vancouver Public Library Central branch.

Environment Minister George Heyman and Energy Minister Michelle Mungall will also be in attendance to discuss their plan for cutting carbon emissions to meet legislated targets while simultaneously supporting the liquid natural gas industry.

The electoral referendum will decide whether we switch to a proportional representation system or stick with first past the post.

( BCIT News )

Electoral reform numbers up as deadline looms

December 7 at 4:30pm is the latest you can get your vote in for the electoral referendum. Voters are encouraged by Elections BC to drop off their ballots in-person. The referendum service office in Burnaby is at Brentwood Town Centre.

According to Elections BC the latest numbers show 34.2 per cent of ballots have been screened and 1,126,737 votes have been received. Projections estimate 40 per cent of total ballots will be received which translates to around 1,315,000 votes.

Is Burnaby Central Park unsafe?

The 90 hectare park has been in the news for tragic reasons. A senior was assaulted near the tennis courts and a stabbing occurred near Patterson Station back in July. The body body of Marissa Shen was found on the grounds in 2017.

In the past former Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan had plans to address safety concerns in the park, but since the election Burnaby has a new government, with a new mayor in Mike Hurley. We are looking into how the new government and park board plans to address safety in the park going forward as well as seeing if these incidents are isolated or are part of a larger concentration of crime.

Burnaby Central Park has been the site of multiple violent crimes in recent years.

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