For the Record – Santiago Martínez

Lya Fichmann – December 3, 2018

On today’s episode of For the Record we talked to Santiago Martínez, the project manager and head of the design department of ChopValue, a start up that is giving used chopsticks a new face. From spaces to furniture to objects, the company recycles over 350,000 chopsticks per week, and this is not even half of the amount of chopsticks that Vancouverites consume.

According to a report from the United Nations, this year Canada was ranked 20th globally among countries trying to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal. Martínez discusses the sustainability movement and what people can do in their daily basics to help our local community.

ChopValue is the only company in the world to recycle used bamboo chopsticks, and they’re now looking forward to expand their market to other provinces in Canada and potentially worldwide. Take a listen below!

I do believe sustainability is a lifestyle. And more people are choosing that way this days. It’s just a philosophy of the way you want to live and the way you want others to remember you, or the way you want to inspire others. I think sustainability is here for good, I think it’s here to stay.”

Santiago MartínezChopValue