First Canadian representative attends Paraplegic Golf Championship in Spain

Ash Murni / November 28, 2018

Tanelle Bolt is the first Canadian to participate in the International Wheelchair Golf Championships.
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Tanelle Bolt is the first Canadian ever to attend the International Wheelchair Golf Open Championships in Spain.

Bolt broke her back in a bridge jumping accident that paralyzed her from the chest down in 2014. She used her background in fitness training to help in her rehabilitation.

Bolt was so enthusiastic in her recovery that she participated in sports such as surfing and skiing. Soon after she found a love for golf and began to play in numerous domestic tournaments. With the help of a specialized electric chair, she is able to independently move around and stand up allowing her to perfect her golf swing.

Bolt, the sole competitor representing Canada in the International Wheelchair Golf Open Championships, said “I always feel proud to be a representative of Canada. I take great pride in it.” Another person from Ontario was invited to play in the tournament but did not attend.

Creating a community especially a community of people with spinal cord injuries… it’s really nice to go and everybody is so comfortable with one another because we’ve all suffered the same.” – Tanelle Bolt, Paraplegic Golfer

Tanelle Bolt won the Best Ladies Net trophy, which was awarded to the golfer who played best against their handicap. She won the trophy despite being the only competitor from Canada going up against countries that had full teams of players.

Bolt said the International Wheelchair Golf Championship is planning to host a tournament in Canada in the near future.

In the meantime, Bolt hopes to inspire young girls who are dealing with disabilities. She will be participating in the polar bear plunge in the Kootenays next February to raise money for the Recreation Adapted Society.