For the Record – Cardiac arrest survivor wants AEDs in public buildings

Carol Xu – Nov 21, 2018

Cardiac arrest survivor Ron Rule wants AEDs to be installed in B.C. public buildings. (Government of Prince Edward Island)

AEDs is not mandatory in BC

AEDs, automatic external defibrillators, save lives when someone is having a cardiac arrest, but they are not mandatory to be installed in public buildings in British Columbia.

The survival rate of cardiac arrest that happens outside of a hospital is about five per cent in Canada, but if treatment is given immediately, the survival rate can be as high as 90 per cent.

In Manitoba, AEDs are mandatory to be installed in public places such as gyms, schools, and airports; however, British Columbia does not have the same requirement for public buildings.

Ron Rule who is a cardiac arrest survivor shared his experience with us.

AEDs are the only interventions with cardiac arrest that can bring the heart back. Without AEDs, and if the time elapsed six to seven minutes, there’s very little chance of recovery. -Ron Rule