BCIT holds moment of silence for Transgender Day of Remembrance

Dan Mountain / November 20, 2018

The BCIT Student Association held a moment of silence to commemorate the transgender, non-binary, Two Spirit, and gender-variant people around the world who have been murdered by anti-transgender violence.

They held an educational table in SE2 and NE1 to answer questions people may have about transgender issues.

Chair of the BCIT Pride Committee, Trina Prince asked everyone in BCIT’s Great Hall to participate in a 30 second silence to remember those who were murdered in the past year because of their gender identity. According to the Transgender Day of Awareness website, the number of people killed was 369 from October 2017 to the end of September this year. Before the moment of silence, they read out the names of some of the people who have been murdered, accompanied by an educational video on violence against the transgender community.

This graph tracks the murders of members in the transgender community over the last three years

BCITSA Awareness Table

(Dan Mountain / BCIT News)

Prince said that this day of memorial is important to remember the people who were murdered for being who they want to be. They said that the tables set up around BCIT were intended to raise awareness about the violence that happens every day to various gender-fluid community members around the world.

Prince said that the most important way to help end violence is education. They said that a disconnect can come when people are afraid to ask questions and educate themselves. They said to be courteous and thoughtful in your questions and to make sure the person is okay with talking about an issue before asking it, but that it is important to educate themselves as best as people can.

The BCITSA gave these websites to help people educate themselves about the transgendered community:

“From someone who is non-binary myself, I think it’s so important to make space to bring allies together and to honour and create a safer and more appreciative space of my friends who are trans… I think it’s absolutely amazing that we can come together as a community to remember those who have died and hopefully prevent the violence from happening again.” – Trina Prince, Chair of the BCIT Pride Committee

With files from Darrian Matassa-Fung