B.C. will finally get ride sharing services

Ahmadullah Rahmat / November 19, 2018

Uber like services will soon come to B.C.
(Srushti Gangdev / BCIT News)

British Columbians will be able to use ride-hailing services but probably not until the fall of 2019. The ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure introduced legislation today, which will allow ride-hailing companies to enter the B.C. market next year.  

The proposed changes include amendments to eight provincial statutes. According to the ministry’s news release, the province will have to develop a modern insurance product for ride hailing and make a process for doing background checks on drivers.   

“This is milestone legislation that gets ride-hailing right for B.C. British Columbians absolutely want more options and flexibility in how they get around, but with checks in place to make sure their ride is a safe one.” Transportation Minister Claire Trevena said in a news release. Transportation Minister Claire Trevena said in a news release. 

It was a campaign promise of the NDP to Bring in ride-hailing legislation by the end of 2017. Although the government missed that deadline, it expects applications from ride-hailing companies to be submitted to the Passenger Transportation Board by fall 2019.