For The Record – Vice President of the Southsiders wants to re-engage their community

Graham Cox – Nov. 7, 2018

In today’s For The Record, I am joined by the Vice President of the Southsiders, John Knox, to discuss the 2018 Vancouver Whitecaps season and what’s next for the club.

The Southsiders is an organization that formed back in 1999, when a group of strangers began cheering on the south bleachers of Swanguard stadium for their beloved Vancouver 86ers – as the Whitecaps were then known.

They pride themselves as being the oldest organized supporters group in Canada and are committed to being the loudest, proudest Whitecaps fans.

In 2018, the soccer club faced some disappointing times and although there is a lot of finger pointing by fans, Knox would like to see the Southsiders do their part and re-engage their own community.

“We talk about the Whitecaps identity, but as Southsiders, we lack an identity as well. We’re spending some time in this very critical offseason to gather information and we want to move forward with a very clear vision for what to do next year.”

In the interview, Knox and I discuss the turbulent 2018 season, what he hopes head coach Mark Dos Santos can bring to the club, if the Whitecaps missed their window to capture Vancouver sport fans, and how the Southsiders can get back to what they used to be.