Control of the House of Representatives will give Democrats the power to subpoena the President’s tax returns. (pixabay)

The Democratic party regained control of the House of Representatives for the first time since 2008. The left-wing party gained at least 26 seats to retake the majority.

The result means that the Democrats will now chair special committees that oversee budgeting, defense spending, and ethics.

Republicans, however, made a strong showing in the Senate, winning three seats that had been held by Democrats. This gives them a six seat lead over its opposition in the Upper Chamber.

The City of Vancouver announced promising results from a year-long pilot program that looked at reducing the processing time for building permits.

Permits for single-family homes in the Applicant Supported and Assisted Process pilot program issued permits in a little over 4 and a half weeks.

According to the City, its goal is to reduce processing time from 28-38 weeks, to 6-8.

A year-long pilot project showed that processing times could be processed five times quicker (free images)

The maximum size of a home on farmland will be 5,400 sq. ft. (freeimages)

Richmond’s city council has ratified a motion for a new by-law to further limit the size of houses built on the Agricultural Land Reserve.

The by-law would stipulate a maximum house size of 5,382 sq. ft, halving the current limit of 10,700 sq. ft.

At the same meeting, city council also approved a moratorium on new big-builds on ALR property.