Recording breaking number for women candidates in 2018 US midterms

Sahil Morar / November 6, 2018

The number of women candidates in the US midterm election has doubled since 2016.

More women than ever are candidates in the 2018 US midterm election. A total of 476 women have filed for candidacy, 50% more than 2012’s 298 candidates which is an unprecedented number in US history.

This year, more progressive ideologies can be seen through candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York, an advocate for Medicare-for-all. The changing of political history doesn’t stop there with Christine Hallquist potentially being the first transgendered woman elected to the US House of Representatives. 

“It’s time we have a governor that understands that rhetoric isn’t leadership. I cannot fix the criminal justice system alone. I cannot fix the legacy of racial discrimination alone. I cannot fix the opioid crisis alone. But together we will do all of this. Together, we will deliver real change.” – Christine Hallquist, Gubernatorial Candidate

This year, 53 women have filed their candidacy for the US Senate; that’s up from 2016’s 40 nominees. In addition, 22 women won US Senate primaries in 2018. 

Furthermore, Democrats have nominated candidates likely to become the first Muslim woman and the first Native American woman in Congress. According to Michael McDonald, an associate political science Professor at the University of Florida, the amount of early voters has doubled since 2014. 

Final results of the election will be announced on November 7th, with a more comprehensive and clear picture of how the midterms have changed the political landscape in the US.

With files from Jenny Cameron.