Risky drivers forced to pay more after rate increase

Jason Manaois / November 1, 2018

Use of an electronic device while driving is just one of the behaviours that can put you in DRP status.
(Andrea Thacker/ US Air Force)

Today risky drivers in BC are getting increased penalties for reckless driving behaviour.

Attorney General David Eby announced on Tuesday that rates will go up for those deemed as risky drivers. The new 20% rate includes an increase to the Driver Risk Premium(DRP) and Driver Point Premium(DPP). These charges are given annually to drivers who have engaged in dangerous actions, and collected points against their license. Previously, the DPP range was $175 for four points, and $24,000 for 50 points. Now the range starts at $210 for four points and goes up to $28,000 for 50 points. Graphs below show the big bill risky driving leads to. Communications Specialist Lindsay Wilkins, reminds the public that these charges are on top of everything else Vancouverites pay to ICBC.

“It’s separate from your insurance that’s worth noting, its a separate premium, its not a part of your insurance…people get confused about that” – Lindsay Wilkins, ICBC Communications Specialist

According to ICBC, even drivers who are currently suspended have to pay the premium in addition to their other punishments.

Attorney General David Eby, explained this new increase is in hopes reckless drivers change their behaviour for the safety of the public after seeing a recent rise in crashes.

“Reckless drivers put others at risk, and they’re contributing to the rise in crashes we’re seeing on our roads,” – David Eby, Attorney General

With files from Jeff Malo.