Four large earthquakes have struck off the coast of Port Alice in 2018 so far.
(Natural Resources Canada)

How many earthquakes have struck BC in 2018 so far?

Ashley Moliere / November 1st, 2018

Natural Resources Canada reported another earthquake off of the coast of Port Alice on October 31st. This comes just weeks after a string of earthquakes rattled the same area. But are earthquakes seasonal or is the timing random?

According to structural geologist Dan Gibson, clusters of earthquakes do not mean they are a seasonal thing.

“The determining factor is the build up of stress along faults and/or plate boundaries, such as the one between the North American tectonic plate and the Juan de Fuca plate that is subducting beneath it, or farther to the north, the Pacific plate that is sliding northward past the North American plate along the Queen Charlotte fault. Once the stress reaches a critical threshold that overcomes the coupling between the plates, or the bodies of rock on either side of a large fault, the built up energy is released instantaneously in the form of an earthquake.” – Dan Gibson, structural geologist

The timeline below was created to show when and where the earthquakes have happened in 2018 so far.