Michael Beck / October 31, 2018

Western Canadians won’t be waiting for Greyhound Buses anymore

Western Canada Greyhound bus service stops 

Today, Greyhound bus services will run its last western Canadian routes.

Anyone from BC through Manitoba and parts of northern Ontario will no longer be able to use the company in their areas.

The only exception is the Vancouver to Seattle route because it is based out of Seattle.

Cancellation of the service was announced early July, however other companies will still run across the region.

Federal Government announces 11th hour Olympic funding

Calgary’s 2026 Olympic bid looked doomed to fail just 24 hours ago. However, Late last night, the federal government reached an agreement to give 2.875 billion dollars of public money to the project should Calgary be designated to host the games.

The announcement doesn’t guarantee Calgary city council will continue the process when it votes on whether or not it proceed with the bid. If it passes, the next step is a plebiscite vote by Calgary residents.

The Calgary Saddledome would likely be replaced if Calgary is awarded the 2026 Winter Olympics

Bostons parade will end at Fenway Park today.

The Boston Red Sox World Series parade snaked its way through Boston

The city of Boston is witnessing its 11th championship parade in the last 16 years.

The Red Sox are responsible for fourth of those parades with the most recent one taking place today.

Many sports outlets across USA and Canada are beginning to dub Boston the new “City of Champions” A nickname Edmonton gave itself until 2015 when city councilors voted to remove it from city signs.