Greyhound cuts bus service at midnight: what are BC’s options?

Laura Johnston / October 31, 2018

Canada-U.S. bus routes will continue.

As of midnight tonight, the only Greyhound bus route operating in B.C. will be the U.S.-run Vancouver to Seattle route. The transportation company has cut all Canadian service except for in Quebec, and southern Ontario.

“Despite best efforts over several years, ridership has dropped nearly 41% across the country since 2010 within a changing and increasingly challenging transportation environment. Simply put, we can no longer operate unsustainable routes.” – Stuart Kendrick, Senior Vice President, Greyhound Canada

Following Greyhound’s announcement in July 2018, the B.C. provincial government started a one-year pilot project to cover routes in northern BC.

The provincial government is making all decisions on fares, routes and service levels based on B.C. transit data and public feedback. The BC Bus North routes, however, do not account for travel from southern B.C. into the Okanagan or northern B.C.

Some routes are still covered by alternative private transportation companies.

The Edmonton-based Ebus company will be starting a new service route as of tomorrow from the lower mainland to Kamloops. The company offers a twice daily route from Vancouver/ Richmond/ Surrey to both Kamloops and Kelowna.

The route from Vancouver to Whistler is covered by three options: the YVR shuttle, the Epic Rides bus, and the more luxurious Pacific Coach route.

The luxury BC Passport service remains available for people travelling the Vancouver to Calgary route via ground transport.

As for the remaining routes left uncharted by Greyhound, communities will be left to find alternative affordable modes of transport. So far, no private companies have stepped up to cover the rest of the gaps in service.

BC Bus North will try the northern routes for a year. They have a fleet of four 44-seat highway coaches.

Check out our interactive map below showing the government-sponsored BC Bus North route in yellow, and the cancelled routes by Greyhound in red.

With files from Ben Ronald.