Peachland’s mayor could be decided by pulling name out of box

Ashley Moliere / October 24, 2018

No other tie votes occurred in BC municipal elections.

Two candidates vying for Mayor of Peachland could have the results determined by a draw.

Current mayor Cindy Fortin and previous councillor Harry Gough are tied at 804 votes a piece.

Director of Corporate Services Polly Palmer says that she will be filing an application for a judicial recount with the Provincial courts today.

“If the courts confirm the Mayor race to be a tie then the winner will be determined by ‘lot’ (two names go into a ‘hat” with one name being pulled). The Local Government Act give Municipalities the option to determine a tie by either a “lot” or a “run off election” (…) Peachland’s Election Procedure Bylaw says a tie must be decided by ‘lot’ – Polly Palmer, Director of Corporate Services

According to a press release distributed by the District of Peachland earlier this week:

“On General Voting Day, a voting machine miss-fed a ballot (…) The machine prompted the Presiding Election Official to re-insert the ballot, but before the Official could do so, the miss-fed ballot landed in the sealed ballot box. This was immediately reported to the Chief Elections Officer, who made note of the issue. No other issues were experienced with the voting machines.

The preliminary results were announced on Saturday evening, and on Monday the Chief Elections Officer conducted a verification process for the Mayor’s race. (…) The verification process was conducted in the presence of the two top Mayoral candidates and/or their representatives. The verification and ballot accounting process has concluded that there is a tie for the position of Mayor.”

If the courts find there is still a tie, the mayor could be decided by a draw.
(BC Laws)

With files from Michael Beck.