BCIT reacts to natural gas reductions

Catherine Garrett / October 24, 2018

An arial view of the ruptured pipeline explosion October 9th.
(@rockybeach67 / twitter)

Fortis BC warned customers that its services will be limited to 50-80 percent of normal levels.

Fortis officials are asking customers to take it upon themselves to cut down on indoor-heat this winter by reducing hot water usage and keeping homes under 20 degrees celsius.

The announcement comes after a pipeline exploded in Prince George, seriously impacting natural gas usage in the province.

Colin Chan, Energy and Emissions Manager at BCIT, says that the school plans to continue with its mission to use energy efficiently. And if Fortis directs it to, then it will further limit heating on the Burnaby campus – something the school did in the wake of the explosion.

“We’ve been back on to natural gas since the outage on campus from October 10th to 15th, but are reducing on a voluntary basis on campus. We are asking people who can to lower their thermostats by a couple of degrees when they feel heat isn’t absolutely necessary.” – Colin Chan, BCIT Energy and Emissions Manager

BCIT Students had a wide range of opinions on the issue but the overwhelming consensus was that they would be willing to make a few small sacrifices.

“I try to as much as I can within reason, last time when I was the only one at home I turned down the heat for the whole house and only had a heater going in my room – I try to do stuff like that.”

Winston Yun, BCIT Student

“I might if I get used to the cold!”

Anna, BCIT Student

“I have really thick wooly pajamas that I can wear, so I’m just going to bundle up and wear lots of layers. I might cut down on my hot showers a bit.”

Jeyna, BCIT Student

An Enbridge pipeline ruptured just north of Prince George on October 9th and crews are still working to repair it.