Morning Headlines: October 23rd, 2018

Ben Ronald / October 23rd, 2018

The Federal Government’s new levy on fuel prices will affect gasoline and diesel.
(Darya Zargan / Reporter)

Prime Minister announces carbon tax rebates for provinces outside of federal climate plan

A new levy will be applied on fuels in four Canadian provinces that haven’t signed onto the federal Liberals’ climate plan.

Trudeau announced that revenue generated by the carbon tax will be rebated to Canadians on an annual basis in the form of a tax credit.

The four provinces affected by the levy will be Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and New Brunswick.

Turkish president says Saudi journalist’s killing was planned

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Turkish government are alleging that the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi had been planned for days.

The Saudi government remains adamant that the death was accidental and resulted from a physical altercation between the journalist and Saudi-consulate staff.

Turkey is calling for the suspects in the killing to be brought back to Istanbul to face trial. The Saudis have said they will conduct its own investigation.

Saudi Arabia is at the heart of the Middle East – bordered by Iraq and Jordan to the north and Yemen and Oman to the south.
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Rotating job action is set to hit the Greater Toronto Area today, after hitting Victoria, Edmonton, Halifax and Windsor. (Canadian Press)

Canada Post strike to impact Greater Toronto Area

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers said that employees at their Toronto branch will walk off the job in a continuation of rotating job action.

This latest move in the rotating job action means that mail won’t be delivered or picked up in Canada’s biggest city and major postal hub.

Job action has already impacted mail delivery in Victoria, Edmonton, Halifax and Windsor.