Burnaby Mayoral Election: ‘demovictions’ and pipelines


Burnaby has elected independent mayoral candidate Mike Hurley. Hurley defeated incumbent Derek Corrigan with 53.24% of the Vote. Hurley ran on a platform to make housing more affordable for its residents.

It’s not all bad news for former mayor Corrigan’s Burnaby Citizens Association party, as 7 of 8  its candidates for council and 6 of 7 for school trustee have been elected.

Longtime mayor Derek Corrigan will be running for re-election to keep his 16 year tenure going, but do Burnaby residents think it’s time for a change?

Whoever ends up the victor after October 20 will have to answer some tough questions regarding the development controversy and the ongoing Trans Mountain pipeline construction.

BCIT News emailed all Burnaby mayoral candidates and asked them to identify what they believe is the most important issue to students from the following list:

  • Marijuana legalization

  • Environmental issues

  • Transit

  • Housing

Some of their answers were edited for brevity.

“Building more co-op type housing and low rental housing by partnering with BC housing and non-profits.”

Mike HurleyIndependent

“Since 2011, Burnaby has been witnessing many ‘demoviction’ cases and long-term tenants were forced to move out because they cannot afford to live in Burnaby anymore.

(1)  Chang will prevent any designated purpose-built rental building from changing their zoning. So in a case of re-development, the current tenants have a priority option to re-occupy their rental suit.

(2)   Chang will try to establish a foundation, like Streettohome Foundation in Vancouver, that might help meet the needs of  vulnerable people like homeless persons, single-parent household, and people with disabilities.

(3)   Chang will cooperate with our senior-level governments and urge them to implement a long-term housing plan where local governments’ needs, and opinion will be involved. “

Helen H.S. ChangIndependent

“To break up the entangled problems, we must first deal with the elections that keep sending problem politicians to the governments. I will make the quarterly InfoBurnaby independent along with standardized debate sessions and candidate profiles (delivered with the vote cards) to replace election campaigns.

In addition, work with the teachers to hand over the job training to the city and fill the gap with singing and dancing, liberating children from falling into the same route to corruption. Still my priority is working for homelessness. I feel that winter is already here. However, the transit problem is even worse, it must be because the reason the referendum failed wasn’t actually fixed. Only the CEO was changed. I wonder if the former CEO is still around.

Corruption everywhere must be fixed to crash the intensity of all the problems and loosen up the tension and anger in human society. Working out this way, Burnaby will be a model city for the world to look up to.”

Sylvia GungIndependent

The following candidates were also contacted, but did not respond by our deadline.

Derek CorriganBurnaby Citizen’s Association