West Vancouver Mayoral Election: traffic, traffic, traffic


Mary-Ann Booth has been elected mayor of West Van by a margin of only 21 votes.  Booth’s margin of victory was the smallest in the Lower Mainland. The tally put Mark Sager at 4,373 and Booth at 4,394. With margins this tight it’s a good reminder that every vote matters in any election.

With current West Vancouver mayor Michael Smith choosing to to stand in the upcoming election, the job is up for grabs for five new faces on the ballot.

Whoever gets elected will have a huge impact on what marijuana legislation will look like in the city, as well as attempt to solve the traffic congestion that has plagued West Van for years.

BCIT News emailed all West Vancouver mayoral candidates and asked them to identify what they believe is the most important issue to students from the following list:

  • Marijuana legalization

  • Environmental issues

  • Transit

  • Housing

Some of their answers were edited for brevity.

“…lack of continued investment in better roads and bridges has created massive road traffic problems. In 1962 there were nine lanes of traffic to Vancouver from the North Shore. In 2018 there are still only nine lanes. Population on the North Shore has increased dramatically. The provincial ferry system forces huge numbers of vehicles through our community.

Now, West Vancouver has approved construction of approximately ten new high rise housing developments to be built in the area between Capilano Road and Taylor Way. The traffic at Taylor Way and Marine Drive and the traffic at Capilano Road and Marine Drive leading to the Lions Gate bridge is already totally congested at times.

In 1937 the developers of the British Properties built the Lions Gate Bridge to bring people to the North Shore.

Why have we not demanded the new developers pay to help solve these traffic problems in return for the right to make fortunes on the sale of their developments?

Why have we not demanded the Provincial Government contribute to solving part of this problem by helping us to build more bridges, or better transit systems?

Maybe then middle income people could afford to buy and live in our community.”

Rosa JafariRunning for Mayor

“If elected I do want to get together with other mayors in the GVRD and the Premier so we can get rolling on the idea of an extra lane added to the Lions Gate Bridge. I am so sick and tired of the awful traffic on Marine and the North Shore and there is only one true way to fix it which is upgrading the capacity on the Lions Gate Bridge.

No more 5 lanes converging into 1 or 2 it will be 2 both ways just like any other normal bridge you would find in any major city.”

Nolan StrongRunning for Mayor

The following candidates were also contacted, but did not respond by our deadline.

Mary-Ann BoothRunning for Mayor
Christine CassidyRunning for Mayor
Mark SagerRunning for Mayor