Morning Headlines: October 10th, 2018

Josh Kilner / October 10, 2018

Flames from the pipeline explosion in Prince George.

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70 percent of FortisBC customers could be impacted by pipeline explosion

FortisBC is asking B.C. residents to turn down their thermostats, following a pipeline explosion in Prince George on Tuesday evening.

The Enbridge natural gas pipeline that exploded is a feeder for the province-wide gas distribution system.

The electricity & gas company says it’s anticipating a decreased energy flow and potential loss of service.

Study says highway speed limit increases linked to more serious accidents

An increase in serious accidents, crashes and insurance claims have been linked to a decision to raise speed limits.

Speed limits on 1,300 kilometres of highways in rural areas were raised across the province in 2014.

A maximum speed of 120 kilometres per hour on the B.C. roads made them the fastest in Canada.

The Coquihalla Highway, as of Oct. 3, 2018

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Central Blvd. SkyTrain station view

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Translink looking into alternatives to help reduce skytrain noise

Complaints from many Vancouver SkyTrain users have led TransLink to conclude their trains may be too loud for nearby residents.

These complaints led a study that looked at ways to reduce noise on SkyTrain routes.

TransLink’s board will choose from a variety of options to deal with the issue.