Stranded tourist rescued from North Shore mountain

Ahmadullah Rahmat / October 9, 2018

Stranded hiker rescued from North Shore mountain.
(Landon McGauley/BCIT news)

Ten things to bring on every hike

The North Shore Search and Rescue Team retrieved a hiker after he was left stranded for 16 hours. The British Tourist went missing while on a hike in Crown Mountain. The 37-year-old man was lost because of using an allegedly outdated app.  

NSR recommends that every hiker wear appropriate footwear – hiking boots NOT runners.  Appropriate hiking clothing that is NON-COTTON, such as hiking pants, poly-pro shirt, poly-pro underwear, toque, and backpack. 

According to the NSR website, every hiker should be ready to stay out overnight in a survival situation. They also recommend to carry extra clothing, survival gear, and be mentally prepared to endure the night out. 

The rescue crew is also reminding hikers that on the North Shore, going downhill often leads to dangerous natural drainages. These drainages have the common features of very thick bush, steep cliffs, and waterfalls. 

On the right here, you can read more about what is essential to carry while out on a hike, and also some safety tips from the North Shore Search and Rescue Team.

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