Vancouver police search for victims of man accused of inappropriately exposing himself

Lya Fichmann / October 4, 2018

Police says the investigation is on going and any additional information is welcomed (Aiya Benaso/BCIT News)

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Vancouver police are looking for women and teenagers who might have been victims of a man accused of inappropriate exposure.

According to a press release, between July 6 and 18, the VPD began receiving reports of a man driving a pick-up truck approaching teenaged girls and young women walking along sidewalks. He would pull up beside them and attempt to engage them in conversation, drawing their attention to the inside of the vehicle where he was masturbating. After seeing their reaction, the suspect would drive away.

Vancouverite Trevor John Kurjata, 28, has been charged with one count of exposing genitals to a minor and five counts of committing indecent act in a public space, but he has since been released. 

There was no evidence or any indication that the suspect tried physical contact to the girls, however, he was released from custody with very, very restrict conditions: limiting his access to any of the potential victims, things like curfew and in place as well.” – Jason Doucette, VPD

These are the specific areas where most of the incidents happened. (Vancouver Police)

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A cellphone seized from the accused is said to reveal video recordings of teenagers and young women deceived by seeing the man masturbating. Police say there’s nothing in the investigation that indicates the videos were shared. 

I wanna be clear that is not anything that any of these women or young girls did, they did not do anything wrong, they were trying to be helpful, offering assistance when that was requested. This person took advantage of that. We want people to continue living their lives, as normal, and if they find themselves in any situation where their safety is in question or they’re not comfortable to contact the local police right away.” – Jason Doucette, VPD

Police say there is no evidence that the suspect is dangerous and so far no motive has been released in the case.

VPD asks anyone with information about this case to call the VPD sex crimes investigators or Crime Stoppers.