Group raises Referendum awareness on overpass

Austin Czerwinski / October 4, 2018

David Gagnon believes that, under this current system, only a fraction of British Columbians have control of the vote.
(Carol Xu / BCIT News)

Commuters on Highway One Thursday morning were greeted by an unusual site on the Willingdon Overpass. A large  banner with the words proportional representation yeswas draped along the westbound side of the overpass.

The group responsible for the banner,, is raising awareness for BC’s upcoming referendum on proportional representation.  Those in favor of ‘ProRep’ believe that the current first-past-the-post system of voting does not result in Governments that represents the views of voters.

“So everywhere we see surveys done all the time 80% of people want green energy and 80% of people want funding for schools and 80% of British Columbians want basic infrastructure. All of the kinds of things everybody wants and yet politicians tend to do the opposite and they do the opposite because it’s the 20% getting them elected. We have a broken system where 20% of the population can elect government.” – David Gagnon,

Those against ‘ProRep’ believe that proportional representation will lead to small, extremist parties getting a platform, as seen in countries like Sweden.

Voting will begin October 22nd and end November 30th. If voters are in favor of Proportional Representation, they have several voting systems to chose from. Here are some infographics to help you understand the alternative systems British Columbians can vote for.