COPE advocates for working class U-pass

Austin Czerwinski / October 2, 2018

City Council Candidate Anne Roberts includes cheaper transit fare in her platform.
(Manadalena Lewis – BCIT News)

Vancouver political party, Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE), is advocating for a transit program similar to the U-Pass.

The party claims that $174 for a 3-zone pass is too steep a price for the average Vancouver worker. COPE proposes a pass similar to the $41 pass provided to post-secondary students.

Translink states while it recognizes the public support for expanding discounts, it’s current budget can’t cover potential losses.

“TransLink recognizes the societal benefits of increasing discounts for low income customers, however, our analysis shows this would result in millions of lost annual fare revenue. This revenue would need to be recovered in some way.” -Translink

The Transit Fare Review recommended that Translink work with the provincial government to explore expanding discounts.

COPE candidate for Vancouver City Council, Anne Roberts says that the expenses would be covered by the scheduled increase of Vancouver’s Carbon Tax.  Roberts also specified that the pass would cover only those with low incomes and be free for anyone under 18.