Brett Kavanaugh will have to answer to the accusations of three different women.


Brett Kavanaugh  hearing begins today

Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers hearing begins today, as the Senate Judicial Committee begins questioning of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Dr. Ford claims that Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, physically and sexually assaulted her over three and a half decades ago. Questioning is being led by Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, alongside a panel of eleven US senators. 

Dr. Ford  is quoted as saying “I believed he was going to rape me,” of Kavanaugh, and is “100 per cent certain” she did not mistake him for someone else, as the panel suggested.

BC residents would rather give up their spouse than their phone

A report released by BC Hydro recently shows that electronics use throughout the province has fundamentally changed due to a rise in the use of personal electronics. Cell phone, laptop, and other devices such as tablets and wearables have risen from seven per cent of an average household’s total electrical use in the early nineties, to seventeen per cent today.

Additionally, a study conducted by the electricity provider found that a quarter of residents would rather spend a day without their spouse, than give up their phones, and twenty per cent would forgo a day’s pay.

BC Hydro surveyed 400 residents for their study.


Vancouver Public Library representatives say that the garden is just the beginning of developments.

(fujitariuji / Flickr)

Vancouver Public Library’s $16 million garden

A sprawling addition to the Vancouver Public Library, over four years in the making, has been unveiled. The library’s new rooftop garden cost 16.8 million dollars, and contains a new gallery and theatre, and contains 7,400 square metres of new space.

The space was opened to media yesterday, but will open fully to the public on Saturday at 10 am.